Taliban find pieces of helicopter near Kandahar-AIP

ISLAMABAD: Afghanistan's ruling Taliban say they have discovered pieces of a U.S. helicopter that may have taken part in the weekend ground attack near the southern city of Kandahar, the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press said.
"Right now I have been informed by Amirul Monineen (Mullah Mohammad Omar's) office that they have discovered pieces of an American helicopter in Baba Sahib hills... some burnt tires and parts and traces of blood," AIP quoted Maulawi Najibullah, Taliban consul in the frontier city of Peshawar, as saying.

There were also signs another helicopter had flown in to remove the bodies of commandos, AIP quoted him as saying. The reports could not be independently confirmed. The United States says two servicemen were killed when their search and rescue crashed in an accident in Pakistan during the first ground raid of the campaign at around midnight on Friday. - Reuters'