News Updates From Afghanistan

News Updates From Afghanistan

This is an unfair war. There is absolutely no evidence that Bin Laden or the Talebans had anything to do with the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Bin Laden says he supports the attacks on America but did not carry them out. The Talebans have repeatedly said that they will hand Bin Laden over providing he stands trial in a neutral country, America has obviously rejected this.... why? Does anyone honestly think Bin Laden will get a fair trial in America? Or is America scared that a trial in a neutral country will open up a can of worms that its administrators and media would not be able to brush under the carpet.

Overwhelming evidence suggests that these attacks on Afghanistan were planned as far back as March 2001... read these news reports... the Talebans were effectively set up by America.

America is LOSING this war!... in almost a month of bombing what have they achieved?... They have already killed over 1500 innocent civilians, but the Talibans remain resolute, in fact if anything have been boosted by the 100's of thousands of volunteer Muslims from all over the world going into Afghanistan to help the Taleban. This will be another much bloodier Vietnam for America and the Talebans seem to have moved up a gear in their war against the American forces. These are news collected from other news websites... EXCEPT CNN!!!

4th November 2001
Taleban Recapture Northern District
Fernandes questions wisdom of US strikes
If this is the best the United States can do, it had better stop and think again
Britons beginning to raise objections
1,200 more Pakistan tribesmen join Taliban
Taliban down chopper, plane
US not sharing plans, says Qureshi
UN a tool of crimes against Muslims: Osama
US attacks challenge to Islamic world: Sami
Third TNSM militants' batch enters Afghanistan
Mossad behind US attacks: Saudi paper

Arms, Fuel Seen Smuggled to Taliban
Terror war will force tax rises
Torture, treachery and spies - covert war in Afghanistan
Foreigners rush to join the jihad
United Airlines makes record $1bn loss

3rd November 2001
Winter is coming and the Taliban are strong as ever. What now for the war on terror?
Heavy fire foiled ground mission, says Rumsfeld

25 of Zahir's supporters captured, say Taliban
Tribesmen refuse to end KKH blockade
More fighters cross into Afghanistan
Special forces rescued after helicopter crash
1,000 armed tribesman enter Afghanistan
Taliban claim to have shot down 2 US helicopters
Taliban determined to fight on during Ramadan: report
4 injured in US copter crash landing in Afghanistan: Pentagon
Taliban open fire at jet raiders
Despite pounding, Kandahar is composed, quiet
Army radios are utterly hopeless, says UK officer
US layoffs spread beyond manufacturing
Taleban claim US helicopter shot down
Taleban hunt key rebel leader
Pirate radio rallies pro-Taleban support
U.S. Warplanes Sent to Rescue Afghan Rebel
Taleban free French reporter

2nd November 2001
US bombs are boosting the Taliban
Arms not being supplied to Taliban: FO
US unemployment rockets
Job losses to hit 24 million
Foreigners are shackled, then jailed and denied their rights in FBI crackdown
Seventeen MPs oppose bombing in Commons vote
Arthur Schlesinger: Are we trapped in another Vietnam?
Taliban display US jet wreckage
Taliban claim they are closing in on warlord
Dozens killed in village 'with no military targets'
Muttawakil: No split in the Afghan leadership
US jobless figures heighten recession fears
US profits take a dive

1st November 2001
US jets carpet-bomb Kabul frontlines
Musharraf has betrayed Islam, says bin Laden
Despite pounding, Kandahar is composed, quiet

31st October 2001
Blair's holds 'candid' talks with Syria
Chris Cramer: Guess what? Americans care about the outside world
US economy declines amid recession fears
Anne McElvoy: Declaring war on the press will not help beat bin Laden
Armed guards, survival packs and confusion in a city that fears the worst
US jets bomb hospital
Frightening signs warn of ambush on the Silk Route
Blair pledges 'We will not flinch and we will not fail'
Blair struggles to win Arab backing
US consumer confidence plunges
Survey says Americans fearful
US economy in freefall
Retaliation may hinder US economy

30th October 2001
British task force not ready for land assault
Taliban backers take over Pakistani airfield
Taleban tell tribesmen to wait
Bombing strategy fails to lure defectors
U.S. Stingy On Bin Laden Evidence
Terrorist Attacks Detainees Complain
US looks to Northern Alliance
'Bomb the enemy. Not us'
Bombs go astray, the casualties mount ... and the doubts set in
Majority want bombing pause
Allies 'losing battle of perceptions'
Hoon warns would-be recruits that they face prosecution on return to Britain

29th October 2001
"This War is a Fraud" says UK's Second Largest Newspaper
The Hell of Innocents
Another 13 civilians die in bungled bomb attack
Taleban's grip on power seems undiminished
Afghan war 'may last indefinitely'
UK Muslims 'killed' in Afghanistan
Straw accuses media of 'wobble' in war coverage
Taliban deny having nukes, claim arrest of US troops
America on edge
Al-Qaida is winning war, allies warned

28th Ocotber 2001
Nine children among 15 killed in US bombing of Kabul: Al-Jazeera
British troops complain about faulty kit
China warns British: beware Afghan trap
Illusions of a quick US victory dashed
Taliban repel opposition attack
Haq's death demoralises opposition
Haq walked into 'elaborate trap'
US surprised by Taliban's steadfastness
American 'Truth and fiction'
British Jews at odds after rabbi criticises Israel's 'colonialism' policies
Joan Smith: The spoils of war - a load of maps and some mules
'The Taliban are not worried about being bombed'
Thousands of tribesmen mass on Afghan border
US strikes proving beneficial for Taliban: Afghan leader
BBC denies Israel influenced coverage of conflict
The US is using Cluster Bombs

Bush Advisers Transformed By Crisis
Cluster bombs threatening lives
The making of the world's most wanted man Usama bin Laden: Part 1
Five Britons killed in 'jihad brigade'
Desperate call from the valley of death: 'Help us...'
Over 1200 civilians have been killed in the three weeks of air strikes on Afghanistan
Riyadh trapped between US criticism and public unease
NGO asks US to stop dropping of landmines
US bomb kills two UN dogs
Muslims 'leaving UK' over war
Terror attacks shake housing market

27th October 2001
Northern Alliance 'Talks on for 'united front' against US'
Haq's killing in line with tradition
Key Taleban opponent executed
Death of key anti-Taliban leader deals US bodyblow
Civilian targets struck: a list
Pakistani group hacks US govt website

26th October 2001
Taliban execute ex-guerilla commander: Last moment rescue operation fails
Anti-US protests continue in NWFP
Whatever Happened to 'Wanted dead or Alive'?
Northern Alliance Loses Town
Big anti-US protest in Pakistan

US planes destroy three ICRC warehouses
Trade Center death toll 'lower'
Analysis: The world's plans for Afghans

25th October 2001
Pakistanis Cant Get Bin Laden Memorabilia
Is America scared of the Talebans?
US admits Bin Laden may escape
Thousands of armed men crossing into Afghanistan to fight for the Taleban
US: Bin Laden may escape the net
American Propaganda is Failing

Saudi Arabia condemns 'Zionist Propaganda'
Many Pakistanis willing to join Jihad against America
US bombing campaign ineffective: Afghan opposition
Pakistani Clerics call for Revolt
US blundering in Afghanistan
Nuclear Scientist has links with the Taleban
Pakistani mourners swear revenge on US
Countries like Australia, who are itching to have a go in Afghanistan militarily, are not prepared to take in even four hundred odd Afghan refugees.

24th October 2001
Fears grow for US economy
Is Oil the Real Target in Afghanistan?

"In the past 20 years we have bombed Libya, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, and Yugoslavia. There are two things about those countries: all are poor countries, and the majority are people of dark-colored skin."

What other nation on earth would produce people who seem actively to be looking forward to taking on America's military might on the ground?

"Overall, the balance of Taleban and Northern Alliance forces does not appear to have shifted a great deal since US air strikes began more than two weeks ago. "
- On the other hand the US is losing millions of dollars everyday
"Talebans have proven to be tough warriors."

said Rear Admiral John Stufflebeem at the Pentagon's daily press briefing.
US helicopter comes under fire in Pakistan
Stiff resistance by Taliban gunners
Tenants desert Empire State Building
Bombs wrecked military hospital, says UN
'US bombing damaged food warehouses in Herat'
If these are enemies who are friends?
Why demand the endgame when the war's barely begun?
Flashback: Meeting the Taleban
Pressure on the Saudi safety valve
Why Blair's 'good war' can't last for ever
The coming Arab crash
- If the Saudi and other pro-western regimes are lined up against Bin Laden, they will fall
Pentagon admits US jets bombed old people's home in Afghan city

- There is no such thing as an old people's home in Afghanistan - Pentagon is lying.
Route to riches
Afghanistan has huge strategic importance for the west as a corridor to untapped fuel reserves in central Asia

23rd October 2001
US jets accidentally bomb Northern Alliance
$100,000 bounties on US troops
Anti-US deployment 60 percent complete: Taliban
'How Sept. 11 Broke the States' - American Economy is Struggling
China Strengthens Ties With Taleban by Signing Economic Deal
CIA allowed to take 'lethal action' against Osama
If the CIA is as good as the US special forces in Afghanistan, then Bin Laden has nothing to worry about..
Taliban will "defeat this tyrannical invasion by the United States." -
Mullah Omar
Afghan opposition's 'record of brutality'
72 US commandos arrested, two helicopters downed
Taliban claim first blood as US planes hit wrong targets
The next few weeks will be tough, the Prime Minister warns
Islamic leaders argue on Britons joining Taliban

Anti-Taliban Website Hacked
Pakistan is in danger of falling apart
Pakistani Clerics call for national revolt

America's pipe dream
A pro-western regime in Kabul should give the US an Afghan route for Caspian oil
Northern Alliance Still Far From Key City of Mazar-e Sharif
We will not be silenced
- MPs must be free to speak out against this absurd and potentially disastrous war - George Galloway MP

22nd October 2001
America is using Chemical Weapons in Afghanistan

The informer: Taliban accuse US of using chemical weapons
Taliban Army Shift up a Gear
Taliban say 20-25 U.S. forces killed
Taliban claim recapturing Ghor province
Taliban find pieces of helicopter near Kandahar
American Body Bags Coming Home
11 American commandos reported captured by Taliban
'Osama is a step ahead of foes'
Claims that China paid Bin Laden to see cruise missiles
America is fighting a cowards war -
Robert Fisk
Hundreds in south-east Asia sign up for jihad against American global hegemony
America: The Beginning of the End?
Taleban strike back
Taliban says 100 dead as hospital hit

'Will a few holes in the runway of Kandahar airport make a difference?
' by Robert Fisk
America wants to censor Al-Jazeera TV Channel
- they want everyone to watch CNN
Al-Qaida 'will drag US soldiers through the streets'
This IS a war against Islam by Robert Fisk
Robert Fisk: Our friends are killers, crooks and torturers
The West is Underestimating the Taliban