Who are the REAL Terrorists?

Like everybody in the Western world, I too have been glued to the television screens watching in almost total disbelief at the carnage created by the hijacking and the subsequent crashing of the planes in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It is indeed very sad that so many people should lose their lives.

It was however at the speed at which the blame had been placed on 'Islamic Terrorists' and in particular on Osama Bin Laden! I remember watching CNN and literally 2 or 3 hours after the incident and George W. Bush making that speech, saying 'we will get to these criminals and those harboring them.' How on earth did he come to the conclusion that it was someone from outside the country responsible for this? Immediately to me it had all the hallmarks of a set up.

The amazing thing is that immediately every aspect of the media was pointing towards Bin Laden and they had not a shred of proof! He was already being convicted by the media and yet he categorically denied any involvement.

From the outset, the media led investigation was looking for Arab looking gentlemen. One of the first reports to come out was when the investigators found a car with a copy of the Quran and flying instructions in Arabic. Pause for a minute and think about this, the hijackers were supposed to have read flying instructions from a booklet and then flew the planes directly in to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, is it really that easy to fly a plane and find the target? And yet on the other hand the media is telling us that these hijackers were extremely well funded and very well organized - Is this well organized? if this was a Hollywood film, wouldn't you have got up and walked out and asked for a refund for its sheer stupidity, yet in reality we are supposed to believe this?

I remember another incident when armed police were storming a hotel somewhere in Boston and saw that the TV cameras and photographers were there before the Police! They were reporting live on the scene! How can this be?

The mothers and wives whose loved ones telephoned them from their mobile phones while the plane was hijacked were interviewed by CNN, when answering questions, they described how many terrorists there were, what they were carrying, but failed to say what they looked like! Can you believe that? No one said what the terrorists looked like, what nationality they were! Or did the FBI not want anyone to tell them that? .....Were they really Arab-looking?

Now lets look at Bin Laden himself. He lives in a country that has just come out of a 23 year extremely bloody war, most of the country is without running water, electricity or telephones. He himself (even by CNN's own admission) lives in a cave, because all the buildings were flattened to the ground during the war. How can anyone with all his money frozen, with his own family cutting him off from the family fortunes, with no access to TV, Telephone, Internet or any other form of communication plan such a complex attack? Its clear he is being framed by this Media-led investigation.

It is also worth noting who the Talibans are. The word Taliban means student, they were the children of the Russian war, they grew up in the war, they did not go to any school to receive formal education. They received their war training by the US CIA, who trained them in order to defeat the then mighty Russia, which they did and which completely destroyed the Soviet Union and signaled its total demise. The Taliban leaders are not politicians or diplomats, and when the Western media interviews them and asks them questions, they simply answer in the warrior style that they know, which is seldom correct way to answer, they certainly do need to learn to be diplomatic.

If Osama Bin Laden is framed into this tragedy, who has the most to gain from all this? Its Israel! It gives them a free hand to do what they like in Palestine, once they have framed Bin Laden they will no doubt implicate that the likes of Hezbollah were involved in this tragedy and therefore they have a right and the support of the rest of the world to attack the Palestinians.

This in my opinion is a well planned Zionist conspiracy, first the Zionists planned and bombed the American embassies in Africa and it was then that Osama Bin Laden was plucked out of thin air as a most wanted terrorist, he fit the bill, he could not speak English, lived in a place where no one could reach and talk to him and dressed and spoke like a warrior. Even though the Talibans insisted then and still insist that if concrete evidence is provided that Bin Laden did in fact commit any of these crimes, they will hand him over to America - needless to say NO evidence has been provided.

The Jewish led media continues to pursue this man, and most of America (an average American watches 7 hours of TV everyday!) believes EVERYTHING that its media tells them without question, this is perhaps more annoying that the Jewish conspiracy itself. People in general have become so gullible and naïve, they question nothing, they read nothing, they watch Just TV, they look at one side of the argument and they make up their minds, they question nothing. If all that's happened and the evidence provided against the terrorists in the WTC hijacking was a movie would you still be watching it?

Henry Ford wrote a book in 1921 where he outlined the Zionist plans, to form a super government in the world, i.e. New World Order. http://www.flinet.com/~politics/antisemi/internat_jew.html (click on this link to read the book - its FREE, it was however banned in the 1930s) The plan has gone brilliantly thus far, with the demise of Communism, the only real threat left for the Zionists is Islam and everything Henry Ford describes in his book has begun to unfold.

Who controls 90% of the Western world's media? It's the Jews! CNN is owned by Gerald Levy who is Jewish and a large contributor to the Jewish cause. That is why this has been a media led investigation from day one, it is clearly evident that the media knows what will happen before it happens.

Visit this link to find out how many Jews there are in the US Government.
Is it any wonder that $2 billion of the US taxpayers money goes to fund Israel?

While the world media is contcentrating on the events is New York, the Israelis have siezed their opportunity and have attacked the Plaestinian town of Jericho. This is going exactly as they had planned.